T-shirt, World Invitational Joust 2007

This striking T shirt is a fitting memento of the first Royal Armouries sanctioned joust held in the US!

Photograph of Jeffrey Hedgecock jousting at the Royal Armouries has been rendered into a beautiful design to commemorate the event.

Designed and printed in the US by Renaissance Arts and Design, the leader in historically inspired T shirt designs!




T shirt, 'Shall we Joust'

The talented folks at Renaissance Arts and Design turned a photo of UK jouster Jason Kingsley taken at the Tower of London Joust 2007 into this stunning T shirt design.

Taken at the moment when Jason is turning his horse into the tilt lane, the image catches the motion of rider and horse, as well as the exquisite detail of armour and tack. A must have for jousting enthusiast on the ground as well as in the saddle!

Our exclusive design is printed in the USA by Renaissance Arts on a high quality, ash grey T shirt.

Available in S, M, L, XL, 2XL




T-Shirt, Historic Enterprises

Show the world you're part of the Historic Enterprises family when you wear one of our "jousting knight" T shirts! High quality, 100% cotton T shirt emblazoned with a jousting knight and the Historic Enterprises name. It's no surprise the knight's caparison bears the same heraldry Jeffrey uses when he jousts in England. Made for us by Renaissance Arts and Design.

Ash gray with burgundy imprint.





 T-Shirt, Rene' Knight

 The Duke of Brittany in full melee' harness and mounted on his gorgeously caparisoned horse is taken from Rene of Anjou's "Book of the Tournament".

Multi colour print on deep french blue shirt.





 T-Shirt, Virtues

A splendidly arrayed knight in full 14th C. panoply poses between swords wrapped in banners carrying the names of the virtues- temperance, humility, justice, hope, charity, prudence, courtesy, strength, honour and faith.

Multi colour print on grey heather shirt.





 Knight toys

These beautifully detailed toys are just the thing to set your child’s imagination alight!

With many figures taken from King Rene's "Book of the Tournament", the Dukes of Bourbon and Brittany and their retainers are represented in amazing detail in these wonderful toys. A wide assortment of figures including mounted knights, herald, flag bearer and swordsmen will allow your child to bring a medieval tournament to life.

Made by Safari of France, these toys may contain small parts and are not suitable for children under the age of 3. Most pieces range from 3” to 4”.

All Knights ride or stand (except Herald and Foot soldier w/ banner). Knights and horses are completely interchangeable.





Poster- How a (wo)man Schall be Armed...

 Jeffrey's armour and Gwen's arming doublet never looked as good as they do in Historic Enterprises tongue in cheek parody of the
Hastings manuscript How a man schall be armyd at his ese when he schal fighte on foote (Hastings MS. [f.122b]). We've copied every detail of the original and added our own spin to create the ultimate "armour babe" poster! A great gift for your favorite armour enthusiast.

Glossy print on heavy poster stock. Shipped unframed and rolled. 18" X 24".



 Lance, Hardwood jousting, circa 1400-1550

Jousting lance made of poplar wood, designed to accept a 3 foot long
replaceable insert, About 11 feet long when assembled.

- 94" long overall when assembled.
- Includes aluminum ferrule for joining to replaceable tips
- Weighs 5-1/4 pounds (2.38 kg) with ferrule.
- Weight with balsa tip and our rubber coronel is 5-3/4 pounds (2.6 kg)
- Replaceable inserts and coronels sold separately

Quantity pricing available, please enquire.



Coronel (Lance tip)                 

Hard urethane rubber lance tips for use with "breaking tip" lances. The
object of jousting with a breaking tip lance is to score points by
shattering  the lance on the opponents shield, body or helm, not necessarily
to unhorse him.

Sized to fit our balsa and hardwood lance tips, and other 1-1/4" diameter
tips used in the IJA and other jousting groups.

Quantity pricing available, please enquire.



Shield Blank, Tilting ''Ecranche'', circa 1440-90

The object of jousting with a breaking tip lance is to score points by
shattering  the lance on the opponents shield, body or helm, not necessarily
to unhorse him. This shape offers protection and a target to aim for. These
shields are recommended for jousts with soft wood tipped lances designed to
break, but are strong enough to receive more powerful strikes.



Jousting Equipment

From lances to armour, we offer a wide assortment of the equipment necessary for jousting. This link will take you to our complete catalog of joust offerings and associated items.


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