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The Tournament of the Phoenix™ is a two day, six event sports contest, the original 'extreme' sport. The only event of its kind in the US, it is one of the most prestigious events in the world. It is invitational, and only the
most highly skilled competitors are invited to compete for the coveted Phoenix prize.

Six knights will compete at the Tournament of the Phoenix 2013. Hailing from the US, England, France, Russia and the Netherlands, competitors will accumulate points as they battle it out in a series of grueling events. An equestrian triathlon, the tournament will test the combatants' prowess and stamina as they pit themselves against each other in six events over the two day competition. Events include foot combat with axes, mounted melee, and four sessions of jousting.

The popular Festival of History complements the Tournament, providing a host of activities for all ages and interests. Costumed interpreters inhabit fully outfitted period camps spanning Rome to the Renaissance. With live music, demonstrations from blacksmithing and falconry to glass blowing and gladiator combat, this event provides fun, food and excitement for all that should not be missed!


  • Squire's Skill at Arms competition- Separate from the Knightly tournament, cheer the Squires on as they demonstrate their prowess from horseback with lance, swords, and spears. There are 9 events over 3 days for this competition.
  • Romans! Fresh from a summer of displays at the Getty Museum in Mailbu, the mighty forces of Legio VI bring a 'blast from the past' and an expanded program to the Festival of History.
  • Don't miss gladiators, ballista and the might of the Roman army!

NEW FOR 2014 -

  • Improved parking coordinated by Ramona Rotary International!
  • Expanded bird of prey displays from Falcon's Court
  • The Escondido Mounted Posse
  • NEW FOOD- Nana's Heavenly Hot Dogs, Jerry's Mexican, and -responding to public request- Hunter Steakhouse has added smoked turkey legs to their menu!
  • Local Charities- We continue our commitment to donate space to local charities. This year we have partnered with the Rotary Clubs of Ramona and Poway, the Greyhounds of FairHaven in addition to returning clubs.
  • Local artisans- This year, we continue our commitment to assure most of our vendors are local artisans.
  • A host of new local artisans display their work for sale, so start your holiday shopping early and support a local craftsman!

Background -

The "Tournament of the Phoenix" was named at the first WorldJoust Tournaments™ event in October 2007. When the Witch Creek fires devastated Southern California, most of San Diego - including the event organizers and an early arriving competitor- were evacuated and it seemed the event would have to be cancelled.

A decision was made to put the event on anyway, and the day of the event hundreds of area residents turned out to enjoy an entertaining day away from the cares and worries that had plagued so many. Surrounded by a sea of smiling faces, English competitor Dominic Sewell declared- 'We thought the fires would defeat us, but instead we have risen, Phoenix like, from the flames'. And so "The Tournament of the Phoenix" was named.

Since that first tournament in 2007, the event has grown, adding more competitions, displays and exhibitors every year. It has established itself as a unique and valuable opportunity for students and their families to
experience history.

Media -

WorldJoust Tournaments™ is pleased to welcome the media to the 8th Annual Tournament of the Phoenix - 2014. Please present your credentials at the gate for free admittance to the event, and to collect your Press Pass.

We encourage you call to make arrangements ahead of time, and we would be more than happy to accommodate your photography and/or interview needs and requirements.

The media are especially invited to the media Preview Day on Friday, October 17th. The site will be open from 11AM to 3PM, and featured activities are amounted Skill at Arms competition, and of course JOUSTING! Competitors will be amply available for interviews and photos.

Competitors begin arriving in the week prior to the event, and are available for interviews and commentary. Please contact our offices todetermine availability.


For additional media information, please contact -

Jeffrey Hedgecock or Gwen Nowrick at 760-789-2299 or media@worldjoust.com


Video & News stories about the Tournament:

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Jousting in San Diego - Video by David Brooks for San Diego Union Tribune, Oct 2012

Trailer for WJT's video Documentary of Tournament of the Phoenix 2010 - "Re-making History: TotP 2010"

"Out and About, with Roger Martin" - 2009

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Knights have their day at Jousting Tournament - San Diego Union Tribune, Oct 26, 2009  

Video of the Foot Combat 2012 (Courtesy of Lonnie Colson) -
Marcus Hamel (Canada) vs Sean George (UK)
Tobias Capwell (UK) vs Luc Petillot (France)
Jeffrey Hedgecock (USA) vs Steve Mallet (UK)

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