Dates for next year are confirmed...

October 17, 18, 19, 2014

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WorldJoust Tournaments™
is extremely pleased to continue our relationship
with our affiliated events in Europe
for 2013…

The Tournament of King John III
late May 2014
at Castle Gniew, near Gdansk Poland

Grand Tournois de Chevalerie
early June 2014
at Neauphle-le-Chateau near Paris France

We wish both affiliates tremendous good fortune and promise to support them in their partnership with WorldJoust Tournaments.

More details will be forthcoming as plans for these two wonderfully exciting events take shape in the new year!!



For the most Up-to-date information...

This year, the 7th annual Tournament of the Phoenix, held October 18-20, 2013,
featured six of the world's most skilled international competitors
who battled it out in 6 grueling events like no other seen in the USA...

4 Jousting sessions, Pollaxe Combat & Club Tourney.

Congratulations to Jarek Struczynski (Poland)
Victor of Tournament of the Phoenix 2013

...and congratulations also to Wouter Nicolai (Netherlands)
recipient of the Chivalry award.

WorldJoust offers heartfelt thanks and "job well done" to all the competitors,
whose valiant deeds and esprit de corps made
2013's tournament the most hard-fought and memorable yet!

Jan Gradón

Jezz Smith
New Zealand

Jeffrey Hedgecock

Marcus Hamel


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The WorldJoust 2014 tournament season also includes...

Tournament of King John III
Poland, late May 2014

Grand Tournois de Chevalerie
France, early June 2014

Tournois du Lys d'Argent
Canada 2014

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