Competitors for 2014

This year all competitors will participate individually. The competition will feature modern day Knights from 5 countries.


Tobias Capwell - United Kingdom, Order of the Crescent

Residence: London, England / Nationality: American

Began Jousting in 1993

Day job - Museum Curator (Arms & Armour), Author, TV presenter.

Motto: 'Je vive en espoir' (I live in hope.)

An internationally-acknowledged expert on medieval and Renaissance arms and armour, Toby Capwell is the Curator of Arms and Armour at the Wallace Collection in London, one of the world's great museum collections. He has written a number of books on weapons, including The Noble Art of the Sword: Fashion and Fencing in Renaissance Europe 1520-1630 (2012), Masterpieces of European Arms and Armour in the Wallace Collection (2011) and The Real Fighting Stuff: Arms and Armour at Glasgow Museums (2006).

Toby often appears on television, most recently writing and presenting 'Metalworks: The Knight's Tale (BBC; Spring 2012) and appearing in 'Going Medieval' with Mike Loades (History Channel, H2; February 2012).

Toby competes in tournaments all over the world, and has been seen jousting in England, Scotland, Ireland, the Netherlands, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, Canada and the USA.

He is a founding member of The Order of the Crescent, and has served as its Senator since its formation in 2005.

Jeffrey Hedgecock - USA , Order of the Crescent

Residence: Ramona, California USA / Nationality: American

Began Jousting in 2003

Day job -  Armourer, President, Historic Enterprises, Inc.

Motto: 'Honneur seurlement entre egaux' (Honour only among equals)

A lifelong passion for all things medieval led Jeffrey Hedgecock to a career as an armourer, and an avocation in jousting. As a world renowned armourer of nearly 25 years experience, Jeffrey has produced pieces for descriminating high-profile clients around the globe and demonstrated his armouring techniques in 2005 at the Royal Armouries Museum. Jeff and crew made the armour for the cult classic "Army of Darkness", and more recently Jeff has appeared on TV in programmes such as "Modern Marvels', Mail Call' and 'The Worst Jobs in History'.

Jeff is a founding member of the international jousting team the 'Order of the Crescent' and his southern California team the 'Knights of the Golden Sun'. Jeffrey has jousted in Canada, England, France, Belgium, Scotland, New Zealand, Holland and at home in California, and also teaches jousting and medieval horsemanship to students all across north America.

Jeffrey trained and owns 3 of the jousting horses appearing at the tournament this year, and his newest horse, the Andalusian stallion "Morro", which he is currently training for skill at arms and classical equitation, will be ridden by marshal Steve Mallet.

Luc Petillot - France

Residence: Chalo Saint Mars - Nationality: French

Began Jousting in 1999

Day job - Lead mechanical engineer for chemical, oil and gas industries

Motto: "Meus honor est fides " (My honor is my faith)

Luc's passion for horses and history spans the 14th to 19th century. He keeps 12 horses at home in France, where he organizes jousting clinics and foot combat tournaments as well as training horses and riders with lance, saber, and carbines.

In 2002, Luc formed the medieval reenactment group '' Excalibur '', which participates in organized tournament shows and competitions every year, as well as taking part in historical shows in the French Stadium at Paris, TV and film work.

Luc frequently travels to compete in jousting tournaments all over the world. He has ridden in a number of main reenacment battles in the EU, and has been proud to ride as part of the famous 17th century winged Polish Hussars. This year, Luc looks forward to returning to compete at the Tournament of the Phoenix.

Darth Rimmer - USA

Residence: Reseda, CA/ Nationality: American

Began Jousting in 2009

Day job - Designer, Sideshow Collectibles

Motto: "Per angusta in augusta" (Through difficulties to great things)

Darth's love of historic arms and armor started at age 16 when he received his first suit of armor. Shortly there after he became an apprentice armorer and began participating in historical battles. Over the years his interest has taken him through many centuries and cultures, and he has created impressions ranging from Samurai warrior to WW1 soldier!

In 2008 Darth attended the 'Sword of Chivalry Tournament', and the jousting bug was firmly planted. He joined the other hopefuls at Knight School, worked hard and in 2010 his motto said it all when he proved himself in the 2010 'Tournament of the Phoenix' against some of the best jousters in the world. Darth begins his international competition career in June, when he travels to Belgium to compete at the Hackalands tournament.

Darth's day job keeps him busy crafting props, toys, and statues in one of the most prestigious collectibles company in the U.S., Sideshow Collectibles. He and his wife Kerry also produce artwork and toys for their company Lazysmash. He is a founding member of the "Knights of the Golden Sun".

Dmitry Savchenko - Russia

Residence: Moscow Russia/ Nationality: Russian

Began Jousting in 2005

Day job - Historical events organizer

Motto: 'Ich bin hier!' (I’m here!)

As an organizer of historical events, Dmitry says historical reenactment isn’t just a hobby, but a lifestyle. Besides jousting, Dmitry portrays a 9th C. Rus cavalryman, 17th century Moscow Reiter officer, and cavalry soldier of the Red Army during the Second World War.

Since his first jousting tournament in 2005 he has participated in all the major tournaments in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. He believes he is one of the most experienced tournament fighters in the former USSR, and his last tournament win was in Kiev, Ukraine last September.

Although organizing and participating in many events within Russia, Dmitry wanted to experience tournaments outside of Russia. As one of the organizers of the ‘Times and Epochs’event, he opened the door which brought European jousting competitors to Russia, and Russian jousting into the international spotlight. The success of that event showed that Russian jousting tournaments are on par with the rest of the world, and that competitors from Russia are ready to participate internationally. A subsequent visit to Alix van Zijl and Joram van Essen in Holland made him anxious to participate in a tournament outside of Russia, so he applied and was accepted as a competitor at the Tournament of the Phoenix.

Dmitry says that he is aware of the many famous knights who have competed in past events, and that participating this year will be an invaluable experience and a great honor. He has wanted to visit America for a long time, and is looking forward to October with great anticipation.

Alix van Zijl - Netherlands

Residence: Holland / Nationality: Dutch

Began Jousting in 2010

Day job -  Veterinarian

Motto: 'Qui potest esse vis' (You can be who you want to be)

Alix has been riding horses since a child and competed in dressage before becoming interested in historical riding. She was introduced to historical riding by Joram van Essen and Arne Koets, and began training with them in 2003. In 2009 she took the big step of ordering a custom made museum quality Milanese Armour.

With a suit of armour of her own, Alix’s aptitude for the tournament quickly became apparent. In 2010 she competed in her first public joust with the most experienced historical jousting group in the Netherlands, Foundation HEI. In 2012, she fought in the melee at the Grand Tournament of Sankt Wendl, Germany. In 2013, she became the only woman in Europe to joust with solid lances with steel coronels, which she did at the White Bear tournament in Nyborg, Denmark. She was also the first female to joust at the Royal Armouries in Leeds, United Kingdom, also in 2013. Though Alix is proud to have jousted in such interesting places, she feels her biggest achievement is that within Foundation HEI, she is just one of the guys.

Alix’s accomplishments definitely extend outside of the tiltyard. She is a veterinarian who owns her own practice employing 4 additional vets. Alix is also now a board member of Foundation HEI. Alix has never been to the USA, and is looking forward to jousting outside of Europe.

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